Finding Common Ground

When people sit down together to solve a problem, each participant may want his or her opinion to carry the day. If each participant believes his or her solution is the only solution, the result may be stalemate.

But if each participant is willing to consider a range of ideas, then each can bring his or her experience and expertise to the discussion. The best solution may be the one that no one could have thought of alone.

Mediation Michigan works closely with two programs that provide information about mediation along with trainers, facilitators and mediators to help people solve problems.

  • Community Dispute Resolution Program (CDRP). The CDRP is a network of 20 dispute resolution centers that serves all 83 Michigan counties. The program's trainers can help you build skills in communication, conflict resolution and collaborative problem solving. Its trained facilitators and mediators can help you explore a wide range of issues and develop solutions of your own. The goal in all cases is to help people reach agreements that work for everyone.
  • Dispute Resolution Education Resources, Inc. (DRER). DRER provides information about facilitation and mediation to business, government and nonprofit organizations across the state. DRER can help you design, organize and implement training and service programs.

Both organizations can improve your ability to reach agreement in a wide range of cases, including:

    *      Civil Rights
    *      Real Estate, Housing
    *      Land Use
    *      Special Education
    *      Agriculture
    *      Discrimination
    *      Child Protection
    *      Breach of Contract
    *      Anti-Trust, Franchising and Trade Regulation
    *      No-Fault Auto Insurance
    *      Medical Malpractice
    *      Divorce no children, divorce children
    *      Guardianship adult, guardianship children
    *      Landlord/tenant
    *      Neighbor
    *      Ordinance Violations
    *      Personal Injury, Auto Negligence
    *      Personal Protection Order
    *      Product Liability
    *      Public Administration, Public Policy
    *      Professional/Client
    *      Permanency Planning